I help people, ideas and brands find the words they need.


I am the in-house writer at award-winning design agency, Here.


I wrote Keeping a Journal and co-wrote  

Stress with Lorraine Millard.  


I loved writing for Herbarium, Caz Hildebrand's new compendium of 100 beautifully designed herbs.


I lead Street Wisdom sessions in Brixton.


I've run Mindful Journal workshops at the Southbank Centre, the VERT Institute, Migrants Resource Centre, HMP Durham and Normal? Festival.


I'm an associate of

dementia and literature charity, Living Words


I'm trained in creative writing, mindfulness, Philosophy4Children, oral history, teaching lifelong learning and reminiscence work.


My writing appears at the wonderful

Illustrated Guide to Life


I have two bird poems in Birdbook III, including this one


My poems and essays have appeared in Poetry Review, Ambit and Butcher's Dog and I wrote for The Philosophy Shop


I wrote the introduction to Man Made, the catalogue of Walter Nurnberg photography.


My poem, When Sheep Turn Their Backs To The Wind, was translated into Spanish and bombed out of a helicopter.




































Bonnie's flowers





Words. Books. Workshops. Fun!